Tuzkars are little weak aliens, usually seeing near Duzkars since they are Tuzkar's motherships, in huge groups of 17 to 20 alien spaceships. They can, however, get stronger the more ships are attacking nearby Duzkars or nearby Ikrenias.

There's an alliance between the Ikrenia, Duzkar and Tuzkar species.

They are vulnerable alien life forms.


These aliens own a semi-passive stance, because they only attack when pilots attack a Duzkar or an Ikrenia (note that if you only attack a Tuzkar, this one will not attack back, but Duzkars will defend them). The more ships are attacking nearby Duzkars or Ikrenias, the stronger will become the Tuzkars.


Hit points 5.000
Damage 2.500
Attack rate 1.5/second
Speed 170 parsecs/second
Shield or defense 2.500 defense
Hierarchy Effect 2,500
Rewards 500 atmos

Unique skill

The Tuzkars get stronger as more pilots attack nearby Duzkars or Ikrenias. List of bonuses below:

Pilots attacking Duzkars:

Pilots attacking Ikrenias:

Note that if both nearby Duzkars and nearby Ikrenias are being attacked, the bonuses stack.