The Goltark are huge passive alien motherships. They do not attack, but they do spawn Golters when under attack. These extremely strong, dangerous aliens should never been faced alone.

They are tough alien life forms.


The aliens own a passive stance, so they never attack a player, but they do spawn Golters after receiving damage. They usually are seeing patrolling near big energy sources.


Hit points 1.250.000
Damage 0
Attack rate 0/second
Speed 20 parsecs/second
Shield or defense 850.000 defense
Hierarchy Effect 250,000
Rewards 75,000 atmos

Unique skill

Whenever they are under attack, they can spawn 15 Golters per minute. These spawned Golters last 4 minutes, after what the full health remaining ones get into the Goltark again and the damaged ones auto-destroy themselves in their place, dealing 500% of their normal damage (12.500) in the area around them.