Aliens are NPCs (Non Playable Characters) that, most of them, attack nearby pilots.

They are classified in 3 categories, depending on which galaxy they appear in.

They can also be classified in 3 aesthetic categories, but with no important differences between them, that would be the TALF (Tough Alien Life Forms), the VALF (Vulnerable Alien Life Forms) and the UAB (Unknow Alien Beings):

  • The tough alien life forms are space living beings that can survive in the space environment without a ship or with a simple space suit. They usually have large ammounts of hit points and slow speed.
  • The vulnerable alien life forms are aliens that need a ship or special space suit in order to survive in space. They usually have few hit points and high speed or damage.
  • The unknow alien beings are aliens that no one knows for sure if they are TALF or VALF or even if they are living beings. Almost every UAB are unique aliens, they don't usually represent an alien specie.

Alien stats

Every alien has certain stats, that might be empowered by unique skills. Most of them shared with ships (excepting personality and unique skill).

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